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"They're just MIDI packrats"

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Here is the LiveJournal community that is completely dedicated the well-known site, Videogame Music Archive!

Here, the LJ users who are also fans of vgmusic, can chat about MIDI, videogames, music, and a combination of all three!

Plus, you can also talk about the latest news at vgmusic, and keep more informed about the site.

Everyone who is involved with, a fan of, or even just interested in vgmusic, is welcome here! This is a community built for the pleasure of just exclaiming how much you love vgmusic. (And in a few cases, rant about personal problems.) If you use your Live Journal regularly, be sure to watch this community! It will keep you informed of the vgmusic site's news and updates. Plus, it will also provide you with a link to some of the main pages of the site. These include the homepage, the upload script, the new-files section, the updates page, and the famous vgmusic forums.

This is a great place to meet and make new friends, so don't delay, join today!

(I give full credit to the vgmusic staff and website for the title of this community and the site, and to any information about the site exchanged here.)